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Delta Homestead

The Beginning ....

In the Delta's of Mississippi and in the Windy City of Chicago some of the greatest blues players known to man emerged. Huddy Ledbetter, better known as "Ledbelly, Muddy Waters, Bo Didley and B.B. King are some of the Great Masters that came forth.  Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Alvin Lee, Steve Miller and Jimi Hendrix all followed and also found their place by mastering blues concepts.

First Guitar

But also long before the first guitar was carved, it was known that another would come forth to make his guitar sing in celebration of life and of the blues. Not from the Delta's of Mississippi or from the Windy City of Chicago. But from a small insignificant town in New Jersey surrounded by blueberry fields and pine trees. He would not be better than the masters or even as good as those that followed, but legend would have it  that the Blues lived within Squier Red!

Young Guitar Player

Although I made attempts to play in my early teens, it was with electric guitars that would almost cut your fingers off at the twelfth fret. My knowledge was a few bar chords and a couple of bars of this song or that shown to me by my friends and more advanced players. Briefly as a young man I bought a Gibson Maurauder and Peavey Backstage Amp which went the way of a pawn shop in hard times before any more chords could be achieved. Now in my fifties, I  once again visit my youth.

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